Inky Beer’s Beer Geek Gift Giving Guide: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the IBBGGGG! Today, we will be featuring items in the price range of $21-50… be warned! The more the price goes up, the more extravagant and geeky the gifts get. (After reading this post, you might want to buy one of these items for yourself.)

At $24, this is the most affordable Stainless Steel Growler that I have discovered to date. You can get it with the KegWorks logo on it, or not (plain, so you can cover it in stickers!). Stainless steel growlers are AWESOME because they do not let light permeate your beer, causing that wonderful papery, skunky flavor. The beer will stay fresh longer than in a regular glass growler, AND the stainless is still lighter weight than it’s glass counterpart. Also, stainless steel is healthier for you to use than the BPA free growlers… bottle homebrew in them, take them into the backcountry, and use them as a water jug when they are empty. The possibilities are endless.

How about getting your friend a set of 3 Rocky Mountain Legend Coors Steins (cross country skier, kayaker, and rock climber) for only $25! These steins would be a perfect gift for anyone that loves the outdoors and beer… Gee, where might we find such as person? The steins are on eBay for a limited time, so if you like them, jump on them. They could even make 3 gifts for 3 friends and at $25 for 3 steins, this is a steal because one of them usually sells for $15. I’m in love with them.

I’ve come across over a dozen versions of the wooden 6-pack tote on the web, but this one is both affordable and handsome with it’s aluminum handle, from a company with great customer service, UncommonGoods. At $32 (half the price of others seen on the web), a wooden 6-pack tote is a dream gift for your beer geek. From homebrewers to beer lovers alike, people that like beer often take beer to friends’ and family’s houses over the holidays. Why not arrive in style? This is one bad ass gift that can hang around all year long holding whatever (kitchen utensils, remotes, art supplies, etc.) when it is not holding beer… just sayin’. And to up the anti with this gift, fill it with a delicious six pack that the new owner can enjoy.

For your friends that own a Kegerator, Keezer, home bar, etc., this is the gift of the year! For $38, you can buy a Chalkboard Tap Handle for whatever is on tap at their house (home or commercial brew) and they can customize what’s on tap with chalk (words, symbols, drawings, etc.). Liquid chalk is even cooler because the writing looks smooth, like a marker. Add standard chalk to the gift for around $1 and you’ve given a friend something that she/he can enjoy forever.


Also for $38, you can treat your beer lover to a year’s membership through the American Homebrewers Association. The AHA caters to all beer lovers, whether you homebrew or not. This was easily the BEST membership that Dr. B and I got last year (only $19 per extra person in the household!), for three reasons, (1) you have the FIRST chance to buy GABF tickets and tickets to the Members Only Session. (2) If you like a good deal, you can use your AHA card to receive “Member Deals” all over the country. The discounts easily pay for the price of the membership. And (3), you get special invitations to AHA Rallies all across the country, where you will be fed and beered for a small fee, or free. (there are a bunch of other benefits to becoming a member, found here) THIS IS AN AWESOME GIFT!

Truthfully, I am in love with these pints. I thought I might get a set this summer, but it did not happen.. so, the holidays are coming! This set of 4 Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Pint Glasses, for $38, would be great for taking on the road… camping, parties, picnics, any where where a cup is needed. They are safe to drink from (stainless steel is rust proof and good for you!), tough as steel (ha!), and way sexier than the standard red Solo cup. Get a set of these for your favorite homebrewer or camping buddy, or 3 roommates (and keep the 4th for yourself!). They are sure to please and a great gift this holiday season, as they are both trendy (green!) and timeless.

If your beer geek is a minimalist, and/or already owns every cool beer and drinking-related present on the planet, maybe a month’s membership with the Beer of the Month Club, for $48, will be the perfect gift. You get 12 beers for the month (and can add on as many months as you’d like to the membership). Just think of how many Beer Advocate reviews that is for one month… I suggest the “Top notch” Membership, shown above, as the price difference between it and the regular membership is so little, why not provide more excellent beer?!

Our last gift on the list today is definitely geared toward the homebrewers in the crowd. For $50, you can buy your beer geek a set of Customized Beer Bottle Labels in the shapes of US states and colors above. Any homebrewer would think this was an awesome gift… and to show up at a party WITH beer bottles to share, from your own brew operation, WITH custom labels? Well, you’ll be the talk of the party and your beer will disappear immediately. (Hope you make good beer!)

Thanks again for reading the IBBGGGG Part 3. Part 4, prices ranging from $51-75 will come out tomorrow. Until then, be well and get shopping! (if there is a gift that you’d like to add to the list, please email Kim at

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