Inky Beer’s Beer Geek Gift Giving Guide: Part 2

As the holiday (shopping) season moves along, so will the IBBGGGG! Today, we’d like to feature Part 2: Gifts in the price range of $11-20, for all the beer lovers in your life.

Buy your good friend a fancy, hard-to-find beer from Let’s Pour for anywhere between $11-20. If you buy 6 bottles, you’ll often receive free shipping and/or a 10% discount. I found Elysian, Firestone Walker, and a variety of sours here. There will be plenty of beer in those bombers for your friends to share with you.

Have you ever seen on of these? Hilarious, yet refined. Why not give your friend a Redneck Beer Mug ? At only $15, with a lid to prevent spillage, you’ll be the most posh redneck at the party. With the footed glass, you’ll be more willing to pour in a special beer and not have it heated by your hand too quickly.

For $18, you can buy a Moleskine Notebook (I prefer the Plain version) for your favorite homebrewer. This notebook is rich in literary history and has high quality paper that can withstand a myriad of writing utensils and mediums. Maybe your brewer also likes to draw out the beer’s label next to the recipe? Perfect. Choose the “plain” notebook,with no lines. The notebooks also come lined and gridded. The smooth cover also accommodates brewery stickers well.

No matter whether your beer geek is a macro, craft, micro, or nano-brew elitist, the Classic Guinness T-Shirt, for $20, is the right gift for her/him. Guinness not only makes one of the best dry stouts in the world, but has successfully shared their marketing strategy to beer lovers around the world.

I know there are a lot of homebrewer-cyclists, or beer geek-cyclists out there. The two seem to be natural companions, and therefore, I suggest getting your geek a Brooklyn Brewery Cycling Cap (or cap from your favorite brewery), for $20. The cap is a three-piece cycling cap, useful on the road and swaggering around town… yes, I said swaggering… wouldn’t you if you had this awesome cap?! Billed flipped up or down, your choice, and Brooklyn made sure it would look great either way. Personally, I like confusing people and wearing a cap and shirt from different breweries… always keep them guessing.

Thanks again for reading and STAY TUNED for Part 3 tomorrow, gifts in the price range of $21-50.


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