Inky Beer’s Beer Geek Gift Giving Guide: Part 1

It’s that time of year again! And by that, I mean post Halloween and Thanksgiving, not Black Friday so you won’t need to beat up your neighbor for a TV holiday shopping time of year. Dr. B and I both love the holidays and buying presents for others, so we decided to share with you the inaugural IBBGGGG because there was not one beer gift guide that seemed to satisfy us both.

With no further ado, we hope you enjoy the guide and let us know if you’ll be asking for any of these for the holidays!

$0-$10 Price Bracket

“Vintage Glassware”

Dr. B and I have amassed an eclectic collection of vintage and new glassware, including this cute little Coors tasting glass. We found it at a thrift store for $1. We’ve found most of our glasses for $1-5. Go on a hunt at your local thrift store and show us what you found!

New Belgium Glassware That Gives

At only $9, plus shipping, these two tulips glasses are sure to please the beer geek and the planet saver. Choose from one of many philanthropic projects and enjoy great beer (especially Belgians and IPAs) in beautiful glasses.

Lagerhead Black and Tan Turtle

You need to check out this turtle-shaped Black and Tan spoon for just $10! (It is also a bottle opener.) Just think of all of the beer combos you can make, besides the original Black and Tan (Guinness and Bass)… like Coors’ Batch 19 and Guinness, Dale’s Pale Ale and Black Butte Porter… on an on, the fun goes.

STAY TUNED for the IBBGGG Part 2 tomorrow! ($11-20 price range)


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