Ink: Glenn Brown

Hello Inky Beer Ink Lovers! We have a new feature for you from our new friend, Glenn. The words below are his and I cannot wait to see this tattoo in person. Thanks for sharing, Glenn!

“I got a tattoo the other day on my lower right leg. Six hours in the chair. First tattoo. Wonderful life experience for sure. David Tevenal is an amazing tattooist and a true professional. If you are the Tri-state area around Ohio or further and have a chance to see him at a convention do your self a huge favor and talk to him and get a tattoo from him. Amazing guy.”

“Why did I get the tattoo? I have loved owls since I was a kid. Skulls make up a huge part of my artwork and symbolize the contrast between life, wisdom and death. Balance is a rough thing to for me to keep in check and to keep (no pun) in balance. There is no grey area as I see things; they is only right or wrong, black or white. I have struggled to maintain this balance in my life and within relationships, personal and/or other wise. I have grown over the years and educated myself throughout my life about how to deal with it. This tattoo is a helpful reminder of that and a reminder to keep balance, and  in check, no matter what. Truth be told, I let David Trevenal have free rain and we worked out the idea and you are looking at the end result below.

My favorite local brewery is Sun King Brewing in Indianapolis. They have some sensational beers. I respect their ability to brew consistently good beers between all batches. I have tried a lot of local beer and have noticed that the taste changes over time. Breweries often want to tweak something that they should have left alone. Sun King keeps it simple and good. They also are a Huge Supporters of Local Roller Derby team the Naptown Roller Girls whom I love! Go Naptown!”
Instagram – @davetattoos
Twitter – @favorthedave

Dave’s Shop:
Memento Tattoo & Gallery
1453 Grandview Ave, Ste. A
Columbus, OH 43212

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Killer tatoo! Definitely NOT a cute and cuddly owl. Clean lines and good color!

    1. inkybeer says:

      Yes! This is one ass kicking owl.

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