Inky’s Top Costumes from the GABF

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Dr. B and I had a blast finding the most creative, silly, sassy, and hilarious costumes at the Great American Beer Festival last night. We met a couple of beer bottles, traditional German drinkers in authentic attire, a monk who was friends with an extraordinarily tall leprechaun, human beer pong, human kegs, Shriners, toga men, “Drunken Duncan” from Dadie, TX (dressed like Miami Vice), a crew full of Hawaiian shirt wearers, and Brian who claims that the best beer in Colorado is Coors Banquet, an many more characters!

We also met Morgan from Denver, with the sassy cheetah shoes, who says that her favorite beer is the Espresso Stout, by Dave Warwick, from Arlington, VA.

Thanks for the photos, all! Hope our Inky readers enjoy them as much as we did.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. rjkey522 says:

    That looks like soooo much fun. The GABF is is another thing on my “Must Do” list that I need to start planning.

  2. rjkey522 says:

    We always do our stop over at Denver so maybe next year we can plan a trip to WA with a long stop for the GABF.

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