If you haven’t already… get your a$% to Renegade Brewing Co!

This past Monday night, I was invited to attend the Renegade Brewing Co Beer Bloggers VIP night. This week is Denver Beer Fest and this weekend is the long awaited for Great American Beer Festival. What an awesome opportunity to meet fellow beer bloggers and learn about Renegade’s new journey! To see a great video interview, from BrewBound with Brian O’Connell, co-founder of Renegade Brewing, click on the image below.

I’d never been to Renegade before this night, but I found it easy to find and it’s in this great old Dr. Pepper bottling plant. The taproom staff look like they love their jobs and they warmly welcomed me and the other bloggers in their brewing room. The other bloggers that arrived around the same time were Colorado Beer Girl and Brew Trek. We chatted up the wonderful Renegade staff and I shot a few photos. I hope you enjoy them and get your ass to Renegade soon, as Sam has some crazy delicious beers for you to try and Laura is an excellent amateur chalk artist.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s. Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Fermentedly Challenged, here is a list of Renegade’s GABF week events (there ARE a few left to check out!)

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