5 Craft Beers Obama Should Drink While Debating in Denver

President Obama has been making a point of drinking beer on the campaign trail this year, from Pennsylvania to Iowa to Florida. It was a sore spot for him in 2008 when he was seen more as a wine-slurper than an an everyday beer-drinking kind of fellow, but it’s a distinct advantage in this year’s race against tee-totaling Mormon Mitt Romney.

The only problem is that Obama doesn’t always make the best choices in the beer line, seeming to prefer macro brews over those produced by small American businesses. He could turn that around this week in Denver — a city that’s working into a craft beer frenzy in anticipating of the Great American Beer Festival — while he’s in town. Here are five beers that the President might want to think about ordering.

5. Hollow Idol, TRVE Brewing

4. Patty’s Chile Beer, Wynkoop Brewing

3. Mayor Mike’s Pumpkin Patch Brew, Denver Beer Company

2. Rumble, Great Divide Brewing

1. Ale to the Chief, Avery Brewing

Thanks to Jonathan Shikes of the Westword for this article. The entire article is excellent and should be read here!

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