Inky Beer is off to get an education!

In only one month, Inky Beer will head to Madison, WI to attend the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) Brewing and Distilling Course! During the course, we will learn topics, such as:

  • Alternative and High-Gravity Fermentations, Fruit, and Barrel Use
  • Barley Varieties and Production
  • Beer Flavor Training
  • Brewery Case Studies
  • Brewery Tour
  • Brewing Adjuncts
  • Brewing Calculations and Recipe Formulation
  • Brewing Grain—Handling and Storage
  • Brewing Water
  • Cellaring Operations—Aging, Centrifugation, Filtration, CO2 Collection
  • Dry Hopping Techniques
  • Effluent Management and Environmental Concerns
  • Enzyme Use in Brewing
  • Fermentation Practices
  • Hop Extracts and Downstream Products
  • Hop Production: Harvest Processing, and Pelleting Operations
  • Introduction to Brewing Microbiology
  • Life Sciences for Brewers
  • Malthouse Tour
  • Malting and Malting Operations
  • Malt Milling
  • Nature of Brewers’ Yeast
  • Physical and Flavor Stability
  • Plant Engineering, Utilities, and Process Control
  • Practical Brewery Troubleshooting (Expert Panel Discussion)
  • Practical Brewhouse Operations
  • Principles of Brewery Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Principles of Mashing
  • Process Control and Quality Management
  • Specialty Malts—Manufacturing and Use
  • Specialty Beers and their Formulation
  • Understanding the Malt Certificate of Analyses
  • Wort Aeration  and Cooling
  • Wort Boiling
  • Wort Separation—Lautering and Mash Filtration
  • Yeast Handling and Pitching

You can expect a full report when I get back! I know the course is a month away, BUT I am super excited.

Hope you’re having a great day!

UPDATE 12/2/12:

Here are some photos from my MBAA experience, including my winning of the “Most Freaked Out About the Brewing Exam” Award… sheesh.


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