Beer Popsicles are following me.

I was in the northern Denver area having an awesome interview today and was reading the Beer Advocate mag while I was in the waiting area of that wonderful place… low and behold, I was entranced by an article about Beer Popsicles. Really fancy ones to boot.

Speed forward a few hours and I am home with a delicious belgo-american ale, reading my Facebook, and blam! I read another article, by Laughing Squid, about Beer Popsicles… so, I guess I’m supposed to tell you all about Beer Popsicle today.

Click on the photos below to enjoy more information about Beer-Topping Mexican Michelada Ice Pops and Beer Pops. (Cheers!)

Beer-Topping Mexican Michelada Ice Pop (shared by one of my favorite blogs, Laughing Squid)

How to make Beer Popsicles (shared by The Kitchn)



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