Ink: Kim Collins

(I thought I would keep the tattoo posts rolling by featuring one of my own!)

Name: Kim “Canuck” Collins

I got the nickname “Canuck” from the Indiana University Women’s Rugby Team, in 1998, on a trip to Canada. Let’s just say that I said something stupid at the age of 18… who doesn’t!?

What is your tattoo design and why did you chose it?

This tattoo’s design is a traditional compass rose in classic chart colors, used on sailing vessels to determine which direction they were traveling. I love the ocean, maps, charts, and was feeling like I was losing my direction when I turned 30 years old. Whether it was because of the tattoo or the awareness, I have made great strides to do what I want to do with my life in the past two years. Hence why I live in Colorado, am a beer-blogger, am working my way into the brewing industry, and most importantly, found Dr. B.

Where did you get your tattoo?

This tattoo was created by Giacomo at Skin Quake Precision Tattooing, in Bloomington, IN. I have been to Skin Quake for multiple tattoos. They not only do good, clean work, but take pride in making sure the tattoo you get is what you want.

What is your favorite local brewery?

Lately, I have been most impressed by Odell Brewing Co., in Fort Collins, CO. Their Mercenary IPA is delicious and unique. (If any of you wonderful people out there want to send me a Heady Topper or some Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA, I’d mail you some Mercenary!)

Thanks for reading, all!

If you’d like to see your tattoo, or a friend’s tattoo, featured here, send a photo and answers to the questions above to and you can be famous within the beer community for your awesome body art.


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