How to drink like Inky Beer, at Coors Field

Happy Monday fellow Inky Beer readers! Dr. B and I went on a little trip to Denver yesterday and learned a few lessons about how best to drink at Coors Field, while watching baseball.

Step 1:

Buy tickets to the game you want to see. (Dr. B and I saw the Colorado Rockies versus the Cincinnati Reds.)

Step 2:

Head to closest Goodwill and/or thrift shop and find a t-shirt that is the color of the team you wish to root for… For example, I found a purple (unicorn) shirt. It’s good for the game and every day use (not bad for $2.15!).

Step 3:

Declare your allegiance to craft beer before you leave home, like this… (note, my New Belgium Fat Tire hat and shorts also coordinate with team colors for the Rockies! I know, I’m a dork.)

Step 4:

Head to the game and seek your beer options… there are many and they cost more than any other beers in the city, so get cash beforehand!

$7.25 Coors Light, Bud Light, Coors Banquet…OR…

$6.75 for a craft beer? You can choose from Blue Moon (made by Coors), Fat Tire (New Belgium), 90 Shilling (Odell’s Brewing – Dr. B’s choice), Dale’s Pale Ale (Oskar Blues – my choice), Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Heineken, or Bard’s Ale (Gluten Free – impressive that they have this as an option here).

Step 5:

Take your beer and walk up 5,000 stairs to the heavens, where the affordable tickets are… up three floors for us!

On your way, make sure to take in the city view… beautiful, Denver, just beautiful.

Step 6:

Head to your seat and enjoy the game. Repeat steps 4-5 until you’ve had enough or run out of cash. Stop before you get thrown out… so not cool.

Our view was AWESOME. We could see every play.

Dr. B and I had a great time even though the Reds won, 7-2.

Step 7:

Leave the ballpark. We left at the to of the 9th and headed to a place with better beer… Falling Rock Tap House! Thanks to those witnessing, we were even blessed on the way there.

Brace yourself for the Falling Rock’s Pale Ale list… pretty awesome.

So, in summary, visit the Falling Rock Tap House before and after the game and get better beer and more of it for the same price as you would pay at Coors Field. We enjoyed a Russian River Pliny the Elder and some delicious food (we both recommend the burgers) and went home.


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