Summer Yard Work/Pool/Ocean/Lake Beers

Happy Monday, all! (I’m really chipper becaue I have been celebrating “Sunday on a Monday all day. Awesome.)

Dr. B and I have been busy working on the yard and house, getting ready for our move to Golden next week. Consequently, or just needing an excuse, we’ve been chatting about the perfect beers for this hot, balmy, Indiana weather. Dr. B used to live in Salzburg, Austria and fondly remembers drinking Radler (a concoction of German-style Pilsner and lemon soda) in the summertime. Stiegl makes a good one that I hope to try soon. Also, and more badass, the word “radler” means cyclist. In case you did not know, cycling is one of our FAVORITE recreational activities. (I’m sure we’ll talk about it 200 more times… enjoy!)

I, on the otherhand, thanks to my Dad’s famous 4th of July parties, remember enjoying Red Stripe in the heat of the day. It’s a little bitter, crisp, and easy to drink all day. Also, how can you pass up that adorable little bottle?!

Although we have different memories of hot day beers, we agreed that New Belgium makes some of the BEST summer beers… specifically Somesault. Somersault is a light, citrus-hopped, summer ale that we enojyed last summer for the first time. Dr. B says that it’s good for the lake, pond, pool, or ocean! (Wow. She’s getting really excited about it. Guess I’ll have to buy some when I go to the store.)

If you have a favorite summer fermented beverage, we’d love to hear about it. Prost!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Murph says:

    I would have to say Red Strip is a good one for drinking all day. However, I tried Smuttynose’s Summer Weizen Ale last night and I think it may be my new favorite go-to summer brew. It is a typical weizen, but it is also brewed with chamomile, yum! If you get it out by you, try it! If not, I can send a couple 😀

  2. Inky Beer says:

    If you could send one to Colorado, I’d send you an Odell’s Wheat Ale, brewed with lemongrass.

    1. Murph says:

      Done and done.

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